We will be posting 8th Annual MFMS Wiffle Ball Tournament Registered Team Names Here as Teams Sign-Up. Please note this does not happen automatically upon registration. Please allow time for this page to be manually updated.  Thank you to our registered teams! We look forward to another great event!!!

Adult Major League Bracket Team Names (ages 15+):
1) Hakuna Ma Ta Tas*
2) Think Pink 
3) Hair Dimensions*
4) TaTa Taday Junior
5) Registered Beauticians
6) Tits & Giggles
7) Portsmouth Pounders
8) Bases for Boobies
9) Hits for Tits
10) My Two Breast Friends are Handfuls 
11) Precious Mammories
12) The Busty Boys
13) Motor boating by the bay
14) The Wiffle Boobs
15) Special K’s
16) The Breast Around
17) Bossom Buddies
18) Dump ‘Em Out
19) Flip Floppers
20) Clam Necks
21) Summer Sinkers
22) Lou’s Diamonds

Kids Minor League Bracket Team Names (ages 10-14):
1) Moore Boobies
2) Seacoast Boulders
3) Team Tillies
4) Breast-Fed
5) Dingers for Days
6) Cookies & Milk
7) Barrington Beauties
8) Golden Globes
9) The Pink Guys
10) Keep Em Bouncin
11) Boobie Trapz
12) Da Girls

Kids Little League Bracket (ages 6-9):
1) Auntie Jess’ Treasure Chest (P. Lavoie, Gavin N, Thomas A., Vincent I)
2) Mini Melons
3) Boobie Bombers
C. Marone - single entry
M. Chabot - single entry
C. Plante - single entry 
P. Rowell