We will be posting 6th Annual MFMS Wiffle Ball Tournament Registered Team Names Here as Teams Sign-Up. Please note this does not happen automatically upon registration. Please allow time for this page to be manually updated.  Thank you to our registered teams! We look forward to another great event!!!

Adult Major League Bracket Team Names (ages 15+):
1) Hodsdon 4 Hooters
2) Aimee’s Crew
3) Precious Mammaries
4) Team DF Richard*
5) Sweater Stretchers
6) Clam Neck Crew*
7) Boulanger Paving*
8) I’d Hit That*
9) Flip Floppers

Kids Minor League Bracket Team Names (ages 10-14):
1. Moore Boobies
2. Dover Double D’s

Kids Little League Bracket (ages 6-9):
1) Superheroes (Vincent I., Zander, Gavin and Parker L.)
2) Jessica’s Warriors (Zoe N., Kylie P., Paige D., Savanna C.)
3) Boobie Bombers